We want to help our clients understand every aspect of the EU gift card market, and in particular provide insight into market specifics per country.

We present extensive information on retailers, competitors and best practices; and deliver a deep dive into brand categories to supply specific sector information.

Our research is used to create a recommended step-by-step plan tailored to your individual needs and considerations.


The support we provide enables your gift card program to expand to its maximum potential. Our range of services allows us to support your business in any capacity; from simply connecting you to the right people, to helping with product development, to full product management.

Our consultancy is multi-lingual and has connections across the EU marketplace.


We are equipped to help you start your gift card program from scratch. As a full service agency we are able to cover all aspects of a launch. We are working with our trusted market experts to support each stage of the process :

  • Technology development

  • Processing and operations

  • Finance and legal considerations

  • Product creation and design

  • Marketing - both digital and offline

  • Commercialization


If you already have a gift card program, we can work with you to ensure it is the best it can be. We will sit down with you to review and discuss possible areas for improvement.

Using this insight and our industry knowledge we will create an optimization plan and help you to implement it, with regular follow ups.

We can also organize physical visits for you to other countries to explore countries and explore best practice.


We want to encourage brands talking to each other. By connecting major players from across Europe we want to create a more engaged and enriched environment; where knowledge, information and best practices are shared - for mutual benefit.

Are you a retailer interested in connecting with other industry leaders? Join our regular networking sessions!

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